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Developing Your Career Plans:

There is this idea that career planning services are only associated with the job search process.  However, students actually have many things to do in terms of career planning before setting out to find a job.

Career planning process is unique to every student. It may vary according to their experiences, interests, skills and values. Although the career goals of students have not taken their final shape yet, they will constitute a very important asset for their professional life in terms of discovering, developing career paths; increasing self-awareness; and gaining knowledge, skills and experience.


Three Steps to Career Planning:


Self-Recognition and Increasing Self-Awareness

Think about your past experiences. Find out what you really want, what you love to do, your fields of interest, your skills and abilities.

Self-recognition is the first step to deciding on a career path. Career decision making process is unique to you. It consists of your goals, experiences, values, interests, skills and abilities.  Students, who apply to Career Planning Center for assistance in their career decision making, have their own levels of self-awareness. Career advisors provide you with an opportunity to get to know and understand yourself, and define your career goals. Career advisors can help you develop self-awareness and discover many careers across a number of fields as well as think about the career paths you’ve considered before in greater detail and find out new paths that you didn’t even know existed.

Search for training courses, student activities and internship opportunities.


Researching Career Options

Research career options that match your fields of interest and skills by using Career Development Center website and job search engines/websites.

Collect information from friends, family, teachers, alumni and other people around you about different career options.

Search for different job opportunities inside or outside Altınbaş University. Develop a plan to help you achieve your career goals, search for internship opportunities, collect information and see if the info you’ve collected match your skills, knowledge, experience and values.




Gaining Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Get an internship to gain work experience, find a part-time and/or summer jobs

Get involved in extracurricular activities that can help you improve your communication, leadership, team working skills.

Study abroad; learn a second language; get involved with the student activities at the University; attend various courses, seminars or workshops to broaden your knowledge and skill set.

Don’t forget to write down your achievements considering your employer will need to see in your résumé detailed information about your interpersonal communication, team working, leadership and motivational skills; your work experience and your ability to work with people from different backgrounds, races and nationalities; and finally your work ethics and integrity.

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