Internship: It is a job training allowing you to practically apply the knowledge you’ve gained during your academic studies and put it into action in your career. The primary purpose of an internship is to strengthen your professional skills and interpersonal relationships in professional settings.


Interns may be university students, high school students, or post-graduate adults. Anyone who wishes to change profession or acquire a profession/career can do an internship. You should not consider internship as an obligation; because it’s rather an opportunity, which would contribute to your career and personal development in many ways.


Tips for a Successful Internship

1- Identify what industry and position you are interested in working in. Do some additional research on your company’s history and culture.

2- Consider internship as an opportunity for personal development and adaptation to corporate environment.

3- Actively engage with your co-workers and be a team player. Treat your internship like it’s a real job. Don’t be afraid to take on some responsibilities that go beyond your job description.

4- Be professional. Take your assignments seriously. Be diligent and accurate in your work. Be mindful of the appropriate attire for your workplace. Be punctual. Always complete projects on time. Show up to work on time.

5- If you want to get noticed, be willing to work overtime. Take this chance to learn from those around you. Internship is your opportunity to learn from them and ask them about their experience.

6- Watch and about the routines of the organization, the ins and outs of daily life on the job. Be observant and ask questions about appropriate behavior at the work place. Watch closely how things get done. Ask questions and pay attention to how people interact with each other.

7- Talk to people whose positions interest you. Identify at least one person to serve as your mentor who will support you, someone that you will be able to learn from and ask for advice, someone who is willing to take a personal interest in your career development.

8- Meet as many of your co-workers as possible. Grow your network to get to know influential people in your company and other interns. Internship is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.


Internship: Benefits for Employers and Interns

When employers hire an intern, they take the opportunity to observe him/her in professional settings so they can decide whether or not to offer him/her a permanent position. They can take advantage of low-cost labor as intern salaries are lower than staff employees. Also, they fulfill corporate social responsibility by hiring interns.

As for the interns, they can take the opportunity to meet important and influential people form the business environments. In addition to gaining work experience, they can determine whether they have an interest in a particular career. Interns have a competitive advantage over other job applicants. Those who are not offered full-time employment will be able to give a positive answer to the “Do you have work experience?” question when they interview with other companies. Typically interviewers ask all candidates about their work experience, and employers usually hire candidates with experience. It doesn’t matter if it is a week or a year, it’s always important to have prior experience.