Prepearing For Interview

You have your résumé ready. You made your job applications. Now it’s time for a little interview preparation. But, the real question is are you really ready for your job interview? Here’s your plan for preparing for an interview!

Interviewing can be exciting and anxiety-inducing at the same time. We all want to close the deal on a good job offer and properly manage our career. However, you need to do a lot of preparation work if you want to walk away with the job.
First, let’s see what you have to do when your potential employer calls you on the phone and invites you for a job interview. When they call you, always remember to ask the name of the company, and details about the position. Also, don’t forget to write down the address details and ask for a formal invitation letter or email for the interview, because, phone interviews can be exciting and nerve-racking, don’t let the excitement cause communication mistakes.

Here are the best interview tips and techniques that will help you get hired:

Analyze the job description!
Your first step should be to identify the specific needs of a prospective employer. That’s why phone interviews always play a crucial role in collecting information about the responsibilities, necessary skills and work environment of a particular job. Asking the right questions during a phone interview will help you get information you might need to make a decision regarding the job, ace the interview and make it to the next one.
As a job seeker, do you meet all the job requirements?
Make a list of your job requirements after you have been selected for an interview. Do your qualifications match the job description? Compare them. Include your skills and talents, certificates, experiences, professional competence and computing skills into the list as well so as to see whether you possess all the necessary qualifications for the position.

Research the company before job interview
It’s crucial to gather as much information as you can about the company prior to a job interview. Most recruiters today want to find out if you’ve done your research on that company. Taking time to visit company’s website would definitely get you bonus points. Company research would also help you gain insight, be better prepared and ask the right questions during the interview. So, take time to learn about the company, visit their website and find out more about their social media activity.

Practice your responses to interview questions
Practicing sample answers for a job interview may play a key role in your interview success. This practice would help you be better prepared and stay calm during the interview. Ask a friend or a family member to help you practice interviewing. Also, you can look up sample job interview questions on the internet and have your answers ready prior to your big day.

Have an outfit ready to wear at interviews
Have an appropriate outfit ready to wear at all times so as to deal with the “What should I wear?” crisis and to avoid running late for the job interview. It’s crucial to make a great first impression at a job interview. That’s why you should do your best on preparing for your interview in advance. In a job interview, your outfit speaks for you, so you better stay away from exaggerated prints and bright fabrics, just stick with the basics.  When you chose your interview attire, try to keep in line with the job’s dress code. For instance, if you apply for a restaurant position or a store/shop/retail job, you may want to stick with a clean, simple and causal look. So whatever you do, don’t leave your outfit choices to the last minute!

What to bring to a job interview?
There are some essential things you should bring to an interview: the directions to where you are going, your ID, a pen and a notepad, names of the people you will meet, a list of answers to typical interview questions, an extra copy of your CV, a printed list of references, and a portfolio of your past work.